Honour Black history in February and beyond through learning, celebrating Black excellence

Feb 07, 2023

While learning about Black history and celebrating Black excellence in Canada isn’t for Black History Month only, the learning opportunities are plentiful during February. It’s a great chance to deepen your knowledge. Here are a few ideas to consider to help you honour Black History Month and build your understanding this month and all year round:

Visit local events and heritage sites
Exploring Black heritage sites near you is a great way to learn about local Black history. Use google to look up Black cultural centres, museums and heritage sites to find options. Remember, your visit doesn’t have to happen in February. When travelling in Canada, consider making it a point to stop at Black historic sites.

Watch films curated by the National Film Board
The National Film Board offers a playlist called Black Communities in Canada: A Rich History. “This playlist is intended to provide a glimpse of the multi-layered lives of Canada’s diverse Black communities.”

Find the English films at:
Find the French films at:

Get to know the history of anti-Black racism in Canada
Anti-Black racism has caused various disproportionalities in Canadian society, including the overrepresentation of Black Canadians in the criminal justice system. But what are the roots of anti-Black racism in Canada? The Canadian Encyclopedia offers an overview that unpacks Black enslavement in Canada and segregation. Knowing the history can help to paint the picture of how anti-Black racism became entrenched in Canadian society and systems. Find the article at