Committee Reports 24

May 02, 2024


District 22

Etobicoke and York




District 22 Reports 2023 – 2024



  1. Budget Rose Ramundi


  1. Awards Sharon Kular


  1. Benefits Anne McIlroy


  1. Goodwill Claudia Mang


  1. Membership/Telephone Lynn Farquharson


  1. Newsletter/Eblasts William McIlroy


  1. Political Advocacy Janis McCaskill


  1. Recreation & Recruitment Sheila Tait


  1. Social Judy Paton


  • Travel Marilyn Jones


  • RTOERO Foundation Janet Thacker


  • Reminders






RTO District 22
Treasurer’s Report 2023
Actual Budget 2023 Proposed Budget 2023 Proposed Budget 2024
Balance on Hand Jan. 1 2023 39982.07 39982.07  
Balance on Hand Jan. 1 2024 26731.78
AGM and Spring Luncheon 3919.80 0.00 0.00
Fall Luncheon 3700.22 0.00 0.00
Community Grant 4000.00 0.00 0.00
Member Grant 43941.73 43941.73 45386.00
Recreation/Seminars/Activities 180.00 0.00 0.00
TOTAL INCOME 55741.75 43941.73 45386.00
TOTAL ASSETS 95723.82 83923.80 72117.78
 AGM and Spring Luncheon 23012.31 13100.00 15300.00
Spring Luncheon Entertainment 1695.00 2000.00 2000.00
Bank Charge 7.26 50.00 50.00
Community Grants 4000.00 0.00 0.00
Donations 1550.00 3500.00 3500.00
Executive – Transportation 533.18 2000.00 1500.00
Executive/other 1216.98 500.00 500.00
Fall Luncheon 6908.02 7500.00 8500.00
Fall Luncheon Entertainment 1500.00 1200.00 1200.00
Forum 66.11 1600.00 1900.00
Goodwill 578.84 1500.00 1500.00
Member Engagement 5699.83 4000.00 7467.78
Newsletter 19691.16 1500.00 19750.00
Office 681.95 1700.00 1700.00
Political Advocacy 3500.00 1500.00
Recreation / Seminars/Activities 1380.00 3000.00 3500.00
Recruitment 471.40 250.00 1750.00
Trips 500.00
TOTAL EXPENSES 68992.04 46900.00 72117.78
ASSETS LESS EXPENSES 26731.78 37023.80 0.00





AWARDS                                                     Sharon Kular

The Awards Committee – Sharon Kular, Janis McCaskill, Anne McIlroy, Nancy Polito and Jane Shaw – is responsible for overseeing 8 annual awards as follows:

  1. COMMUNITY GRANT. The National Committee sponsors this award. Our responsibility is to review all requests and recommend to the District 22 Executive an individual or group to be nominated.  If successful, the nominated group is eligible for a grant up to $4,000.  Criteria – to promote projects that will help our organizations to meet our strategic goals of improving the lives of our members and seniors. Details of this award and an application form are available on the RTOERO website at rtoeroscholarships – Click on Community Grants and Scholarships and then the 2024 Application.  A completed application must be submitted to the District 22 Awards Committee by April 30, 2024.  The application will be submitted to the National office before the deadline date of May 31, 2024.  We are proud to announce that the recipient for 2023-2024 is ESS (Etobicoke Support Services) . They submitted the project ” Health and Wellness Coordinator for Etobicoke Senior Services and received a $4,000 grant.

Congratulations to Etobicoke Support Services (ESS)

  1. 10 YEAR SERVICE AWARD. After completing 10 years as a member of the Executive of District 22, a special recognition award is presented to each member. There is no recipient this year.
  2. 20 YEAR SERVICE AWARD. After completing 20 years as a member of the Executive of District 22, a very special recognition is presented to each member. This year’s recipient is Judy Paton.

Congratulations to Judy

  1. OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD. This award is available only to members of District 22.  Nominations for this award of $1,000 must be submitted to the Awards Committee by April 15, 2024.  The award is designed to recognize members who have devoted much of their time in retirement and earlier to voluntary community activities. This year’s recipients are Barbara Hagan Robinson and Susan Nighbor.

            Congratulations to Barbara and Susan


  1. 25 YEAR MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATES. These certificates are presented at our May Luncheon to individuals who have been a member of RTOERO for the past 25 years. The 56 recipients this year are:

Gillian Al-Jbouri, Winifred Anderson, Therese Attard, Ronald Boise, Ruth Burritt, Ellen Carayiannis, Bruce Cathcart, Joanne Colbourne, Brian Commons, Mary Desjardine, Mary Downie, Fitz Dubarry, Eleanor Faulkner, Mary Foran, Eric Foster, Verena Gatto, Agnes Gazso, Ille-Mai Gerdels, Adele Gibbins, Sybil Gibbs-Songui, Gary Greenland, Nancy Hamilton, Merike Hanemann, Pauline Heissler, Shirley Herron, Helen Hitchcock, Alan Jamieson, Carol Jones, Lois Kaye, Gail Kendall, Carole Kirton, Judy Knuff, Li Pook Kon (Alan) Lee Chong, Margaret LePage, Helen Logue, Marion Mac Bride, Andrew Martinson, Frederick May, Nancy McKye, Katherine McLeish, Lynn Metcalfe, Brenda Miller, Lynda Mitchell, Dennis Myers, Sharon Penzvalto, Wilma Rhodes, Kathryn Robertson, Corriette Roessler, John Ross, Lois Ruch, Ethel Sacks, Mary Sutkaitis, Terrence Sweeney, Maureen Timmons, Barbara Wane, Judith Wooding

     Congratulations to all. 


  1. RTOERO POST SECONDARY SCHOLARSHIPS. There are 20 scholarships valued at $3,000 to students enrolled in a college or university program that leads to a career in e.g. health sciences, medicine, nursing, geriatric health care which could benefit RTOERO members and seniors in Canada. Members are encouraged to recommend students in their lives including family members. The deadline was January 12, 2024.


  1. RTOERO DISTINGUISHED DISTRICT MEMBER AWARD. Three RTOERO Distinguished District Member Awards across Canada may be granted on an annual basis by the National Awards Committee. Nominees for the National Award will be selected in recognition of their outstanding and/or contributions to the RTOERO at the District level.  This award will comprise a plaque, a donation of $350.00 to a charity of each recipient’s choice and an invitation will be issued to attend the October Forum.  Districts are invited to submit the name of one nominee by February 9, 2024.
  2. The 2024 JOHNSON INC. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. All Canadian residents completing high school and who are beginning post-secondary education are eligible to apply for a Johnson Scholarship.  Annually, Johnson will award 100 scholarships each valued at $1,500 to students attending a post-secondary educational institution in Canada.  Applicants must be a Canadian resident, completing high school in 2024 and commencing post-secondary education in the fall of 2024. Applicants must have a parent/guardian or grandparent who has a home or auto policy or group benefit plan through Johnson Inc.  Online applications for 2024-2025 will be posted in the Spring – deadline date is the end of August 2024.  For more information and the on-line application click on http:/



Benefits                                                        Anne McIlroy

The Benefits program of RTOERO is so inclusive to support healthy active living.  There are many links to learn all that our Benefits offer.  All are available to access from

Communiqué (insurance plan updates)

Liaison (bi-monthly designed to help you stay connected)

Express Script Canada Pharmacy

Cloud MD (Medical Second Opinion)

Preferred Sponsors

Hearing Life, IRIS, Venngo, Johnson Inc./Belair Insurance, Merit Travel, TELUS Mobility


Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario, National Association of Federal Retirees, Choosing Wisely Canada (reducing unnecessary tests and treatments), McMaster Optimal Ageing Portal, Canadian Health Coalition, National Institute on Ageing, Canadian Medication Appropriateness & Deprescribing (CADeN)

Changes & Reminders

No membership fee for those who belong to RTOERO Extended Health Plan Entente

Claims must be submitted within 6 months

Premiums for Hospital & Convalescent Care and Extended Health Care remain the same

Dental plans premium increased by 8.5% as recommended by the dental guide

Convalescent Care benefits increased to 3 day convalescent care coverage for both elective and non-elective surgery

Supplemental trip cancellation or interruption up to $12000 p.p.

Can purchase a supplemental travel plan for over 93 days

For updates, refer to


Goodwill Committee Report                   Claudia Mang

The mandate of the District Goodwill Committee is threefold: to improve the lives of RTOERO members and seniors, to send messages of celebration, get well, or express condolences to those in need of comfort, and to assist with keeping our members actively engaged in social activities. In these ways, we aim to increase RTOERO’s positive profile with our members and within our community.


The District 22 Goodwill Committee hosted two social events in 2023, The No Bell Luncheon in September and the New Members Breakfast in October. The D22 Movie Club remains active.


The District 22 Lunch Club enjoyed by D22 members, has spanned several decades.  Maryanne Chard

During the pandemic years, they did not take place.  BUT, once more, these lunch events began again this past fall in 2023.  A restaurant is chosen for the next month by those who attend the present one.  Members email Maryanne Chard, Member-at-Large D22, to be included in the reservation.  The lunch takes place on the 1st Wednesday of the month.  Each member is responsible for the cost of their lunch.

December -The Prince Japanese Steak House , January – Snug Harbour, February – Spoon & Fork, March – Astoria, April – La Castille, June – Red Lobster

  • In 2023 a total of 240 Birthday greeting cards were sent out to members who celebrated the milestone birthdays of 80, 85, 90, 95 years of age. Thank you goes to Elaine Hileman and Jane Moore for their monthly dedication to this important task. Flowers were sent to two members who celebrated their 100th birthday, and special greetings were sent to members who celebrated birthdays over 100 years young.
  • Thinking of you cards or get-well cards were sent to two members.
  • Condolence cards were sent to the families of eighty-five members who passed away. Thank you to my Co-Chair, Judy Paton, who is diligent to this duty.
  • Eighty new members were welcomed with a gift. Thank you to Rose Ramundi for her commitment in this endeavour.

To contact the Committee, send an email to [email protected].

To contact the D22 Movie Club, send an email to [email protected].

To contact the D22 Luncheon Group, send an email to [email protected]



Membership/Telephone                            Lynn Farquharson

The main function of this executive position is to co-ordinate the telephone contact of the majority of our 2500 + District 22 members through our volunteer callers to inform the membership of the details of the Annual General Meeting and spring luncheon in May.  At this event, members are able to meet the people who volunteer as executive members for District 22, participate in the AGM , celebrate our 25 year members and very importantly, reconnect with friends and colleagues.

The work to coordinate this task begins in January when executive members contact those people who have previously volunteered to confirm their willingness to call this year.  While our goal is to contact the majority of our membership, we do not ask volunteers to make any long distance calls.  Many of our volunteers have been calling for years whereas others have just signed on for the task at district events such as the welcome breakfast in the fall and November luncheon. This year we had 66 telephone volunteers including the executive calling approximately 1600 members.  We are always happy to welcome new callers if you are interested in helping out.

This is a valuable and important outreach activity in our district that provides a personal contact with our members.  In that regard, I offer thanks and appreciation to our volunteer callers for their time and diligence in ensuring that we make contact with our membership. The success of our AGM and Spring luncheon is a testament to their efforts.







Newsletter/Membership                          William McIlroy, Editor

Our newsletter is published three times during the year – Fall and Winter are paper copies and Spring/Summer  is in e-version. Back issues are available on the District 22 website. If you are not receiving the e-version please contact William McIlroy, our Communications/ Member Services Representative, at district[email protected]. You can unsubscribe to the e-version from the main screen when you receive your next newsletter. If you don’t wish to have the hard copy mailed to you, contact William McIlroy at district[email protected]..   If you have not received your hard copy, contact William McIlroy at district[email protected]..

Our primary purpose is to notify members of upcoming events (trips, luncheons, workshops) and other events offered by the District. Through the newsletter, we inform members of policies and resources available and changes to these policies and resources. We now include items of a general nature such as hobbies, volunteer activities, book reviews and travel that might be of interest to our members.

Thank you to our proof readers –  Sheila Tait, Janet Thacker, Claudia Mang and Anne McIlroy – for making the editions grammatically correct!  Thank you to all RTOERO members who submit articles to District 22 Newsletter.  Many members other than your executive submit articles and ideas that enhance the newsletter and these submissions are most welcome.



Political Advocacy                                     Janis McCaskill

This year  D22 has continued to promote and explore all three RTOERO Advocacy Strategies, , (Geriatric Health Care, Senior Strategy, and Environmental Stewardship).  During the past three years we have touched on all the strategies and focused on Environmental Stewardship. We did this with the assistance of the Association of Canadian Educational Resources ( founder, president, and D22 member Alice Casselman.  Thank you Alice for your unwavering support and passion.

We are continuing to support all three strategies with a shift in emphasis to Geriatric Health Care.  D22 welcomes Dianne Brown to the helm as our 2024-2025 PAC representative.  She brings a wide array of knowledge and enthusiasm to this position.



Recreation & Recruitment                      Sheila Tait

Hava Java once again began in person on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Java Joe’s in Thorncrest Plaza, Islington and Rathburn at 10 a.m.  Each member who joins us receives $4 toward coffee and a treat.

Ask Pamela is a zoom opportunity the 3rd Wednesday of each month to get some answers to technological/computer use questions with Pamela Tabak.

RPW’s (Retirement Planning Workshops) are offered online and in-person. District 22 is holding an RPW Workshop Saturday morning, May 4th at Sheraton Toronto Airport for those in education considering retirement to explore and discover the many upcoming decisions and a solid opportunity to see what the RTOERO health plan offers.



Social Report                      Judy Paton

It is my responsibility to organize and oversee our AGM & Spring Luncheon in May and our annual Fall Luncheon in November.   Our Fall Luncheon was held on November 15th at the Weston Golf and Country Club.  The meal was delicious and the uplifting entertainment of Little Peter &  the Elegants brought a most enjoyable day to a close.   Our AGM & Spring Luncheon takes place again at the Old Mill on May 8th.  All RTOERO members are encouraged to attend.  Once the business of the AGM finishes, we will enjoy a lovely meal followed by entertainment by Key Entertainment, Paul & Trish.  The Fall Luncheon will be at the Weston Golf & Country Club in November.  Watch for the information and registration in your in your September newsletter and on our District 22 website.

I want to thank everyone for their support, suggestions and phone chats.  Please keep them coming!



Travel                                    Marilyn Jones

2023 was a very successful year for travel. Our members and their guests enjoyed travelling across southern Ontario by coach to visit rewarding venues and enjoy delicious lunches in different locales. In March, we saw hundreds of Tundra Swans in Aylmer where they were resting on their migration path to the Arctic. In May, we visited the Shaw Festival in Niagara to see the musical, ‘Gypsy’. We visited St. Jacob’s Market and then on to Drayton to see the show, ‘Buddy’ in June. September saw us travel to picturesque Prince Edward County to shop, dine and enjoy the countryside. The musical ‘Rent’ in Stratford in October rounded out our travel season. We enjoyed the shows, the sites, the lunches and the opportunities to share experiences together with friends and new acquaintances.



RTOERO Foundation                    Janet Thacker

“Foundation”…the basis or groundwork.  Our Foundation is aptly named for the goal:  Healthy aging for all Canadians and setting the groundwork for living life to the fullest.  This charitable organization, our charitable organization, has been the north star for geriatric research for more than a decade thanks to member donations, sponsorships and the dedication of Dr. Paula Rochon, the RTOERO Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Each year, The Foundation supports ongoing research for our demographic.  Projects range from assisting elderly clients who are isolated, to patient education resources for those with dementia and many more.  You may have participated in the many free webinars over the years or chatted through the Chime program (, the possibilities are endless as are the benefits for our generation and those to come.  Many have enjoyed the excitement of fundraisers like the Silent Auction and the 50/50 Raffles.  We all benefit and we can all participate in the success of our organization by individual donations.  For more information:




There are four districts in Toronto (Etobicoke York-22, North York-23, Scarborough/East York-24). New members may join us in error. To register any change in status, contact Membership at 416-962-9463 or [email protected]

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To provide or update your email address, email [email protected] or call 416-962-9463.



We have a new website that has up-to-date information of District 22.  Our newsletters are published there and are easy to access.   [email protected]